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Loch & Union Release Of Barrel Aged Gin

Loch & Union Release of Barrel Aged Gin

When they hear the words “Napa Valley”, most people naturally think of world-class wines, beautiful surroundings, pristine communities, and outstanding hospitality.

Now, we can highlight one more Napa Valley attraction: Loch & Union’s Barrel Aged Gin.

Much like wine production, the ultimate quality of gin and other distilled products depends on the makers’ expertise, the quality of the raw materials, and the impact of certain external factors incorporated during the process.

In winemaking, the high-quality barrels used to hold and age the product have a notable impact and even introduce subtle influences on the final product’s flavor.

So, when partners Colin Baker and Matt Meyer were deciding on their Loch & Union Distillery location, Napa Valley seemed like the best possible candidate. The region offers access to the best grains and other raw materials and a strong prevailing adherence to a philosophy of quality and innovation.

And, of course, Napa Valley winemakers use the best barrels available anywhere.

Barrels Can Make a Difference

For over a century, winemakers have gravitated to Napa Valley from all over to take advantage of the region’s rich, unique soils, weather, and other conditions.

But winemaking and spirits distilling are two decidedly different processes. So why would the creative distillers at Loch & Barrel imagine linking the two production methods in any way?

By using high-quality Napa Valley new or once-used American and French wine barrels to the aging their distilled products, these innovators envisioned a distinctive impact on their final products to differentiate them from “standard” distilled spirits.

Generally, gin and many other distilled spirits are aged in low-quality barrels that have been fire-charred rather than carefully toasted like wine barrels.

Now located in American Canyon at the southern end of Napa Valley, the Loch & Union Distillery now has access to high-quality, slightly used barrels, as well as new ones produced by nearby world-famous cooperages.

Loch & Union’s Barrel Aged Gin is Only the Beginning

Loch & Union’s commitment to coexisting with Napa Valley’s wine industry was inspired by the area’s longstanding tradition of innovation and a pioneering spirit to improve on traditional methods, according to a Napa Valley Register article published in March 2018.

Distillers have their own recipes for making gin. Most try to create a style and variation that delivers a unique and distinctive flavor profile without wandering too far afield from what their consumers expect.

Now, at their Napa Valley Distillery, the Loch & Union experts finish the aging process and add their unique “twist” of their special label gin production in Napa Chardonnay barrels.

About Loch & Union Barrel Aged Gin Distilling in Napa

The release of Napa Valley Loch & Union Barrel Aged Gin demonstrates the Company’s genuine connection with Napa Valley. While this product is only their first official, large production using the process of aging in Napa Valley wine barrels, founders Colin Baker and Matt Meyer envision broader development in coming years.

While the Loch & Union Barrel Aged Gin is only their first project using wine barrel aging, the company is building on that success to present a Barrel Aged Single Malt Whiskey in their Napa Valley distillery, available in 2022.

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