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Our Gin
Crafted in Napa Valley, California

Gin has many styles and variations and every distiller has their own way of doing things, like Grandma who swears by her apple pie. We’ve taken inspiration from the classics and made them our own.

the botanicals


The Botanicals

Our Secret Ingredients

We’ve been lucky to work with T.C. Bauer, a spice firm from Chicago with decades of experience sourcing ingredients for high-end cooking and perfuming companies around the world. All the botanicals in our gins are sourced directly from the producers themselves and we have contracts for future supplies to ensure we maintain the same level of quality batch after batch, year after year.

american dry gin


American Dry Gin

Classic Dry Gin

This is our take on a classic dry gin, with an American twist. Starting with a neutral grain spirit base, we combine twelve botanicals to create a clean, balanced spirit layered with complexity. The traditional evergreen backbone from the juniper leads into warming spice, floral and citrus notes all in perfect harmony.

barley gin


Barley Gin

From Grain to Glass

We craft our Barley Gin entirely from grain to glass, starting with a mash of 100% malted barley. We then distill the mash in a similar way to our single malt whisky and use that as the base for the gin rather than neutral spirits. Red fruit and butterscotch notes from the un-aged malt spirit meld with the piney and deeply warming flavors of the botanicals to create a spirit that will challenge your previous notions of what a gin can be.

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